Do It: Timer to Help You Focus During Work

Alfita Putrimasi
3 min readAug 3, 2022

I have a problem! Yes, a problem that I often face in my daily life. When I’m studying or working, I often lose focus and my mind is distracted by other things, such as being tempted to open social media which has the same content, checking if there is an incoming message on my phone even though no one has sent a message, playing games that has been played very often, and various other disturbances. This results in work that can be completed in 1 hour to 2 hours because of this distraction. Looks ineffective doesn’t it? Well, that’s my problem. Maybe some of you suggest keeping the phone away from the table, but there are times when i need the phone, either to make a call or suddenly there is an important incoming call.

That’s why I thought how about making an application that can help me stay focused and motivated while working or studying but still being able to open certain applications when needed.

Finally, the “Do It” application was created that will help users to stay focused while working or studying by utilizing the Pomodoro Technique and helping limit the use of applications on the phone. To find out how this application works, see the following explanation!

1. Timer

When the user opens the application, the user will be presented with a home page where the user can see “unfinished tasks” which are tasks that have not been completed and “upcoming tasks” which are tasks that will be done in the future. To activate the main feature, namely the timer, the user can click “+” in the right corner then select “now” if you want to activate it for now or “planning” for later. After that, fill in as requested.

Task : what do you want to do
Focus motivation: motivational words that can help you stay focused
Focus time: the time span for you to focus on work
Short break : short break after focus time
Long break : Long break after 4 focus time intervals
Allowed application: applications that can be used while the timer is running

After that, click “start” and the timer will run according to the set time.

2. Open other apps if needed

When the timer is running, but user needs to open another application, then user can click the three dot button and select the app. User can back to timer by clicking the notification.

3. Finished Tasks

If the user wants to end the timer, they can click the stop button. After that the user will be faced with the question have you finished your task? If yes, the user will be asked whether during the process the user is focused or distracted and the results will be entered into the page summary. If no, the user will be asked why it has not been completed and the result will appear as an unfinished task on the home page.

4. Edit or Delete Task

Users can also edit the task or edit it if needed.

5. Summary Page

On this page the user can see a recapitulation of application usage for a day, week or month.

So, that’s all about my application project. Thank you for reading